How does the DataExchange work?

The DataExchange offers a controlled and safe third-party environment where dataset and algorithm providers can safely cooperate and share data. The goal of DataExchange is to encourage sharing data while maintaining data sovereignty.

On DataExchange, owners can share their datasets while staying in control. Algorithm owners can be given permissions to run on datasets, but will never be physically in control of it.

Secure container

The DataExchange provides a secure and networkless trusted third-party containers in which algorithm and dataset can safely interact. The dataset and algorithm are downloaded anonymously in the secure container and removed when the execution has been finished. Neither algorithm owner nor any other outside party will have physical hold of the dataset during this process.

Full data sovereignty

As owner of a dataset you can monitor all permissions, runs and review their output. All shared datasets are stored on your personal ResearchDrive and can be shared and unshared on your command at any time.